Mobili Studio Presents Talking Trio: Birds! Let’s tweet, chirp, and peep!

Taipei, Taiwan October 27, 2011 – Mobili Studio ( presents Talking Trio: Birds, the subsequent release in the Trio Talking App series, on the Apple App Store. Available for Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices, Talking Trio: Birds can be downloaded worldwide from your iPhone and iPod Touch for US$0.99 or from your iPad for US$1.99.

Talking Trio: Birds (available at for iPhone & for iPad) is an interactive talking app. You can poke the birds and they will respond to your actions. You can bounce the birds by dragging down the wire. You can also talk to them and they will repeat what you say with funny voices. You can draw in the sky, switch between day and night, or tap in the sky to create theme-specific items . There are also various themes for you to choose from. You can capture screenshots and share them via email or FaceBook with your friends and families.

"We decided to hatch our very own birds since they are so popular on the App Store", said James Wu, co-founder & CEO at Mobili Studio. "Combining that initiative with the desire to make a unique talking app for kids gave us these trio birds. Blue Choppy birds, yellow Yushi birds, and pink Kiki birds won stop talking and bring families hours of entertainment! They repeat what you say, react to what you do, and reconnect you with friends and family. Each background theme has its own special items for day and night so kids can be creative decorating these playgrounds before sharing with the world! Tweet, chirp, and peep with these three little birds and enjoy a birdilicioustime!"

"The concept of Talking Trio: Birds was inspired by an animated short film of similar theme", said Paul Cheng, co-founder & CTO at Mobili Studio.In the short film, each bird was given a distinctive personality and fun to see them interact with each other. We thought kids would also love to interact with the birds by bouncing them around and talking to them. Combine that with the drawing board capability, we got an excellent app for the kids to dwell their time in the immersive environment."

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Mobili Studio is an independent software studio based in Taiwan, founded by entrepreneurs James Wu and Paul Cheng. Mobili Studio aims to design the most useful, creative, fun, and delicious applications for all mobile users around the world.