Mobili Studio Presents Talking Trio: Monsters! Happy Halloween!

Taipei, Taiwan October 19, 2011 – Mobili Studio ( today proudly announced the release of Trio Monsters, the first in the Trio Talking App series, on the Apple App Store. Available for Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices, Trio Monsters can be downloaded worldwide from your iPhone and iPod Touch for US$0.99 or from your iPad for US$1.99.

Trio Monsters (available at for iPhone & for iPad) is an interactive talking app. You can poke and tickle the monsters and they will respond to your actions. You can also talk to them and they will repeat what you say with each other. You can shake the device to see them dance, you can feed them, and you can also turn off the light to have them switch positions. You can record animated voice postcards and share them via e-mail or YouTube with your friends.

"I've always been a huge fan of mysterious creatures, MONSTERS in particular", said James Wu, co-founder & CEO at Mobili Studio. "When it comes to monsters, the first three that come to mind are undoubtedly vampire, werewolf, and zombie! Each has super powers, weaknesses, and fascinating sometimes romantic stories. We decided to design a talking app where these trio monsters take center stage, so allow me to introduce Vampire Dio, Werewolf Moby, and Zombie Stewie! They not only repeat what you say, but also interact with you, each other, and background items! Treat yourself by adopting the 3 most famous monsters as your new pets and let them celebrate this year's spooky Halloween with your family!"

"I'm absolutely amazed by how little kids, even infants, can interact with iOS devices before they can even properly speak", said Paul Cheng, co-founder & CTO at Mobili Studio. "This brings out a challenge of how to design an interaction even kids can immediately pick up. With all the talking apps in the market, how do we make it better? Three times better, to be exact. We pitted three creatures to interact with each other, and at the same time, interacting with the user as well. This is only the beginning, we have more waves of new creatures waiting in line and much more theme expansions planned. With the holiday season coming up, Trio Monsters will be the best companion for kids."

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Mobili Studio is an independent software studio based in Taiwan, founded by entrepreneurs James Wu and Paul Cheng. Mobili Studio aims to design the most useful, creative, fun, and delicious applications for all mobile users around the world.