Mobili Studio Presents Absolute Instant,World's First Teleport Shooter!

Taipei, Taiwan June 7, 2011 – Mobili Studio ( today proudly announced the release of Absolute Instant (A.i.), a vertical scrolling shooter with a twist, on the Apple App Store. Available for Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices, A.i. can be downloaded worldwide for US$1.99. For a limited time only, through July 31, A.i. is available for 50% off at US$0.99.

Absolute Instant (available at is a classic arcade shooting game, or shoot 'em up, with its gameplay built around the concept of teleporting. In the past, the teleporting gameplay was deemed impossible with traditional arcade controls. Now for the first time ever, the concept can come to fruition with modern touchscreen technology, especially with the ultra responsiveness on iOS devices. A.i. features 2 playable characters, each with unique attacks, and 5 beautifully-crafted stages, each with its bullet hell bosses capable of deploying different elemental attacks. Adrenaline rushed background music is also composed around each element for every stage.

"Many of us fantasized about having the ability to teleport", said James Wu, co-founder & CEO at Mobili Studio. "To go from one place to another in a split second is beyond human's imagination. We at Mobili Studio thought, 'why not make a game featuring that power?' So here it is, Mobili Studio presents Absolute Instant, a new breed of shooting game emphasizing on the teleport ability. The core gameplay is designed base on iPhone's unparalleled controls - DRAG, TAP, and SHAKE! If you are a science fiction fan, a shoot 'em up lover, or simply a dreamer who once wanted to jump between spaces, A.i. is an app that you don't want to miss!"

"Never before is this gameplay possible with traditional consoles", said Paul Cheng, co-founder & CTO at Mobili Studio. "I have never been a fan of virtual joysticks on a touchscreen arcade game. To me, it is only a temporary solution, not a fundamental one. So when we first design a game, we want to build the control mechanism with what is provided: touchscreen, accelerometer, and gyroscope. This is how the concept of Absolute Instant was conceived."

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Mobili Studio is an independent software studio based in Taiwan, founded by entrepreneurs James Wu and Paul Cheng. Mobili Studio aims to design the most useful, creative, fun, and delicious applications for all mobile users around the world.