Mobili Studio Debuts on the Apple App Store with Visual Travel Checklist

Taipei, Taiwan April 18, 2011 – Mobili Studio (, an entrepreneurial software studio, today proudly announced the debut on the Apple App Store with Visual Travel Checklist (VTC), a creative travel application tailored to modern travelers. Available for Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad devices, VTC can be downloaded worldwide for US$1.99. For a limited time only, through July 31, VTC is available for 50% off at US$0.99.

Visual Travel Checklist (available at is a travel essential application that helps iOS users pack and unpack for trips with its intuitive user interface. While most of the competing products are text-based, VTC redefines the packing process with vibrant visuals. It includes over 250 tasks and items, each represented by its own unique icon. Users can also customize up to 100 tasks and items utilizing the built-in photo gallery to create their own icons. Tasks and items can be checked and unchecked in the easy-to-view packing area.

“I’m extremely excited to announce the launch of Mobili Studio’s first application – Visual Travel Checklist”, said James Wu, co-founder & CEO at Mobili Studio. “As a frequent traveler, I find this app simple, useful, and just fun to use. Travel preparation doesn’t have to be wordy anymore; no longer is the process of writing on notepad then crossing items out needed. VTC is the new way to prep and pack!” He added, “Mobili Studio is a place where creativity happens. Every product we design has a unique flavor that brings freshness, recreation, and the wow-factor to mobile users. Combine this vision with our people, the Mobilians, I believe Mobili Studio will continue to indulge amusements through our applications!”

“We wish to prove to the world that creativity can still find its place in an over-saturated market”, said Paul Cheng, co-founder & CTO at Mobili Studio. “The App Store provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to demonstrate their abilities. This is the first time products created by small indies can be on the same shelf with those from the big guns, with minimal efforts.”

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About Mobili Studio: Mobili Studio is an independent software studio based in Taiwan, founded by entrepreneurs James Wu and Paul Cheng. Mobili Studio aims to design the most useful, creative, fun, and delicious applications for all mobile users around the world.